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Lake Kawaguchi
Lake Kawaguchi
Lake Kawaguchi
Music Forest Museum
Lake kawaguchi Oishi Park
Lake kawaguchi Oishi Park
Lake Kawaguchi
Lake Kawaguchi
Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor
Lake Kawaguchi

Lake Kawaguchi


Lake Kawaguchi(河口湖)

Lake Kawaguchi is the second largest of Fuji Five Lakes behind Lake Yamanaka.  It is the most developed area and easily accessible to the Fuji Five Lakes with train and direct bus connections from Tokyo, so that lots of tourist not only Japanese but also foreigners are visiting this area to start their sight seeing tour of Fuji Five Lakes and/or Mt. Fuji climbing throughout the year. A hot spring resort town with various tourist attractions and views of Mount Fuji is located around the lake's eastern end, while the northern and western shores are mostly undeveloped.

The best views of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from the lake's northern shores and are particularly breathtaking during the cherry blossom season around mid April and the autumn colors around the first half of November. One of the nicest spots for cherry blossoms is the seaside promenade near the Kawaguchiko Music Forest and the Circle Theater, while photographers will enjoy the "Momiji Tunnel" for autumn colors, a maple tree covered road section along the lake's northern shore.

Recommended visiting spots in Lake Kawaguchi;
(1)Tenjozan Park (Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway)
(2)Itchiku Kubota Art Museum
(3)Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum
(4)Oishi Park(Natural Living Center)
(5)Oike Park
(6)Yagizaki Park
(7)Maple Corridor

2018 Mt. Fuji & Cherry Blossoms At Lake Kawaguchi

2017 Fresh Season Of Lake Kawaguchi & Beautiful Mt. Fuji

Kawaguchiko Tenjozan Park(天上山公園)

Kawaguchiko Tenjozan Park can be reached by using Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway(Kachi Kachi Ropeway) of which station is located close to Lake Kawaguchi east end. From top of the mountain,  you can enjoy amazing view of Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, the street of Fujikawaguchiko-machi and Fujiyoshida city as seen on the video shown here.

2017 Mt. Fuji From Mt. Tenjo At Lake Kawaguchi

Kawaguchiko Oishi Park(大石公園)

Oishi park at the Lake Kawaguchi northern coast is a park with the superb view which can look at both lake and Mt. Fuji at a time. Various flowers bloom seasonally along a shore promenade. On a sunny day, there are many photographers taking a lake and flowers, and Mt.Fuji from an early morning. There is a large free parking lot and is popular as a rest area of the touring of a bicycle and the motorcycle.

Flowers which bloom in profusion every season, the scenery of wide lake and magnificent view of Mt.Fuji are the charm of only Oishi park. Especially in June and July "Herb Festival" is took place and you can enjoy lots of lavender blooming like purple carpet along the promenade. You will feel calm if you stroll slowly in the promenade where flowers bloom while looking at Mt.Fuji.

2018 Evening Glow & Mt. Fuji At Oishi Park

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum(河口湖オルゴールの森美術館)

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum, located at north shore of Lake Kawaguchi, is a small theme park and museum mainly displaying automatic musical instruments like antique music boxes, mechanical organs, mechanical violins, etc. mostly from European countries. It has several concert halls and they offer music performance of players together with the automatic musical instruments in these halls.

The outside of the park is a  beautiful gardens enclosed by European style buildings with a good views of Mt. Fuji across the lake. Throughout the year the gardens are filled with many kinds of flowers. Especially In early summer, you can enjoy beautiful roses blooming at everywhere in the garden.

2017 Beautiful Roses At Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

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